Bread and bakery

Bread, buns, pampushkas and pies are an integral component of Ukrainian national cuisine. They are present in the menu of almost every family, regardless of the level of income and food preferences. 

Most buyers are in a hurry, especially to shelves for bread and buns. Many people come to the store only for bread and buy some more goods. So, if you pay due attention to the design and filling of the department of bakery products, it will certainly have a positive impact on sales in general.

Of course, you need to start with the selection of shelves and racks for bread. If you are looking for commercial equipment for bakery products, which is not only practical, but also stylish, it is best to contact PROM MARKET.

Here you can order equipment for the sale of bakery products for both traditional stores and self-catering establishments, including:

- multi-tiered islands on which you can place several dozen types of baking;

- compact racks for bread, which are ideal for shops with a small area;

- equipment with special windows for small baking display

- classic counters with glass screens and rear loading for baking

We work under the order, which means you can come to us with your own sketches or ask our designers to develop racks and counters for the sale of bread and buns specifically for your store. We offer commercial equipment for bakery products, taking into account the characteristics of the range of the department, the technical characteristics of the room, the interior and your personal wishes.

In our work we use materials for every taste and wallet: from natural wood to chipboard, MDF and plywood. At the same time, we carefully monitor the availability of quality and safety certificates for materials and compliance with all sanitary standards, because the health of customers and the reputation of the store directly depend on this.

In the development of shelves and racks for bread, we pay attention to every detail. 

When ordering racks and counters for trade with us, you can be 100% sure that they will be made taking into account all the needs of both buyers and staff.

Another advantage of PROM MARKET is a flexible pricing policy. Both large retail chains and start-up entrepreneurs with a limited budget are turning to us. We know how to save on commercial equipment without compromising quality.

To buy store racks for the store, which fit perfectly into the interior and preserve the functionality and attractive appearance for more than one year, please contact us by phone or via email.