Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are a group of goods that are invariably in demand among buyers regardless of region or season. Everyone knows that vegetable food is an integral part of a balanced diet, and those who monitor their health try to cook dishes from vegetables and fruits as often as possible. That is why most entrepreneurs who trade in food include fresh vegetables and fruits in their range.

So how can you arrange the sale of this group of products? First of all, you need to properly arrange the department: choose the right place, install equipment to maintain the desired air parameters and, of course, purchase equipment and shelves for vegetables and fruits.

Where can I order suitable retail equipment for a vegetable shop? On our website. "PROM MARKET" is a manufacturer of trading furniture in Kiev, which offers durable and practical racks for fruit at favorable prices. 

Our catalog has everything you need to arrange a department for the sale of vegetables, fruits and verdures, including:

   - racks for vegetables and fruits;
   - drawers;
   - counters;
   - stands;
   - thumbs.

In addition, if necessary, we can produce trade equipment for vegetables and fruits on individual sketches, our specialists will promptly develop the necessary equipment in accordance with your wishes and technical features of the premises. We work with various materials (from natural wood to metals) and we can produce a stand or a rack for vegetables and fruits of any complexity.

Our company has been engaged in the production of trade equipment for vegetable shops and departments for several years, so we know exactly how to present this group of goods in the best possible way.

Tips for choosing racks for vegetables:

  • Trade equipment for vegetables and fruits should correspond with the design of other departments in color and style. So, if your store is decorated in eco-style, you can order stands and shelves for fruits and vegetables from natural wood.
  • For a small department well suited wall-mounted construction.
  • It is important that the design of the equipment does not interfere with air circulation, otherwise fruits and vegetables will quickly deteriorate.
  • The use of mirror surfaces creates the illusion of more products.
  • If you plan to store stocks of goods in the trading floor, it is worthwhile to provide additional boxes at the bottom of the equipment.
  • If you place shelves and drawers under a slope, the goods will be better seen, and buyers will be more convenient to choose.
  • When ordering a trading equipment for a vegetable shop or department, it is important to immediately consider the system for placing price tags. One of the most common options is to install special crossbars for the location of price tags.
  • When choosing materials, you need to take into account not only the external appeal, but also practicality, because you need to wash the equipment for vegetables and fruits often, and not all materials are well tolerated by frequent contacts with water and cleaning agents.


If you have any problems with the selection of suitable retail equipment for the vegetable and fruit store, just contact our managers. They will help to choose counters, stands or shelves for fruits and vegetables, which are ideal for your store.