About Us


It is known that the success of each mechanism depends on the harmonious interaction of its elements. By the same principle works any business. We are absolutely convinced that the success of a company depends on the professionalism and qualifications of its staff. That is why, in our team, people have gathered who are not just highly qualified specialists. This is a team of like-minded people who love their work and strive for development and self-improvement. We welcome new ideas, non-standard approaches, the search for unusual ways in solving routine tasks. This contributes to a significant improvement in product quality and the continuous development of the enterprise as a whole.

PROM MARKET has been successfully developing and manufacturing cabinet furniture of any complexity for more than 15 years. Our specialists study and analyze aspects of the production of large international companies, improve their processes, introduce new technologies. In the production we use only modern and safe materials, accessories and components of well-known European manufacturers.

To help maintain the company at a high level, we are helped by principles such as: 

- honesty;

- a tribute to traditions and planned development;

- responsibility for the obligations assumed and the quality assurance of our product

- professional staff;

- creativity of the team of employees, focus on results;

- goodwill and openness;

A wide range of products allows the client to pick up the necessary details of the interior design in one style and color scheme. At the same time, the company constantly has promotions, discounts and discount programs. Here you will find everything you can dream of in interior design.

If you have any questions about your choice and the parameters of the furniture - attentive consultants working in our company will give exhaustive answers and help you make the right choice.

Our products meet all international quality standards.

With us you can purchase quality furniture at reasonable prices. Therefore, if you have doubts where to buy furniture, worrying about its quality, then pay attention to the impeccable style of performance, environmentally friendly materials, the durability of the furniture of our company and all your doubts will fade!

Summing up, I would like to say that during the work on the furniture market of Ukraine, PROM MARKET company has established itself as a strong and reliable partner. We are sure that we succeeded, because the focus is on you, our customers.